History 1932-1942

1932-1937 Members 162-168

This era marked the beginnings of the League’s involvement with the Children’s Theater.  In 1932-1933 the first children’s play, “The Dragon,” was performed under AJLI Children’s Theater Bureau direction.  In 1933-1934 “Tinder Box” was presented and trouped to Children’s Hospital, and during the following year “Secret Garden” was presented n collaboration with the Portland Players.  By 1935-1936, the League was ready to sponsor three plays for children.

Having been reorganized and moved to better quarters, the Salvage Shop by 1936 was turning over a profit of $1400 to the League.

In 1937 the first of many “Follies” was held, netting the grand sum of $3,107.97.

1937-1942 Members 168-158

With the responsibility of the Occupational Therapy Departments now turned over to the Maine General and Children’s Hospitals, the League concentrated its energies on the Children’s Theater. The yearly expansion of this theater resulted in the establishment of a permanent workshop and more prevalent trouping.  By 1939-1940, the Theater became a Community project with a Community Board.  During the following season all plays were presented n the schools.

In 1941-1942 an AJLI staff member, under the sponsorship of the Council of Social Agencies, conducted a survey preparatory to setting up a Volunteer Placement Bureau.  In October this Volunteer Placement Bureau was established and financially supported by four committees and the Junior League.