History 1942-1952

1942-1947 Members 158-229

After an extremely successful season for the Children’s Theater in 1942-43 (season’s attendance was 10,000), the Theater was incorporated, its financial support then coming from the Salvage Shop income. The year 1945 was the first in which the Trailer Theater operated for five weeks during the summer.

Another project benefiting the Maine General Hospital was the League’s purchase of 10,000 book covers for the hospital library.

1947-1952 Members 229-185

During this period our Salvage Shop moved from Brown Street to the Baxter Block in 1947, and to 112 High Street in 1950.  In 1948-1949 the League voted to contribute toward a yearly amount for two years to the hospital for treatment for children in the Cardiac Clinic.

In 1950-51 the Children’s Cardiac Clinic and the Rheumatic Heart Project were combined, with the League voting to support both projects.  The membership voted to cooperate with the Medical Center in establishing facilities for convalescent care for rheumatic fever patients. The culmination of the project for Cardiac Disease in children came in 1951-52 through a $21,600 donation to the new Medical Center for establishment of two four-bed rooms.