History 1952-1962

1952-1957 Members 185-238

After the final payment to the Medical Center Building Fund, the League voted in 1953-1954 to support the Portland Hearing Society with $6,000 per year for a two-year period.  Also at this time the newly formed Television Committee inaugurated a thirteen-week live children'’ program entitled "The Show Me Show.”

Highlighting the 1954-1955 season was “December Follies,” starring Bette Davis and Gary Merrill; a net profit of $10,465 was realized.  In the fall of 1956 the “Guide to Area Health, Welfare and Recreation Services” was published and distributed.

1957-1962 Members 238-284

Once again the Salvage Shop changed its location, this time to 263 Middle Street, and in the process received a new name, the Bargain Shop.  By 1960-1961 dividends form the shop amounted to a high of $1,400.  At the end of this period the co-sponsorship of the Bargain Shop and the Catherine Morrill Day Nursery terminated and the new Junior League Thrift Shop opened on May 5, 1962 at 662 Congress Street.  Now League members were required to work six hours a year in the shop. The restoration of three rooms in the Sweat Mansion was adopted as a project with a financial pledge of $4,000 in 1958-1959.  It was completed and opened to the pubic in July of the next year.

The 1959 Follies, which required three weeks of intensive practice, led to an extremely successful two-night engagement at the State Theater featuring Russell Kyle.  Louise James was recognized for all the efforts that went into realizing a net profit of $12,411.30.

In 1960-1961 an Information Center for the Aging was established with United Community Services. $500 was voted for its support. An Arts Council was formed, as a result of a community wide Fine Arts survey conducted by the Arts and Interests and Community Research Committees, 1961-1962.