Become a Member

Why Join the League?

There are numerous reasons for women to join the Junior League of Portland, Maine:

To Receive Excellent Training
Members complete the first year course, attend seminars and participate in trainings on a variety of topics related to personal, professional and community topics, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion.  Opportunities to attend League-sponsored state, regional and national conferences and training sessions are also available to members.

To Better Our Community Through Community Service
For more than 85 years, the Junior League of Portland has committed volunteer leadership and funding to many worthwhile community projects.  The JLP has strived to make a difference in our community by identifying specific needs and creating projects, frequently in conjunction with community partners, to meet those needs.

“[Joining] the Junior League was a great move for me. While being from Maine, I was not familiar with the Portland landscape and the JLP opened my eyes to the possibilities. It is amazing to see so many influential women in Greater Portland pull their resources and minds together to make a difference, whether it is fighting hunger and food insecurity, or providing in-the-moment support to families who have lost a loved one. The Junior League has made a difference in my life, both personally and professionally.” 

–Jillian Rich, New Member, 2010-2011

To Network With Women Who Share Your Values
Members working side by side, serving their community, form lasting friendships.  Networking opportunities also exist through collaborations with other community, state and national organizations. 

"The Junior League of Portland introduced me to other women in the area who share my values and interests. It's an added bonus that only after a few short months, I call many of these women my close friends. It truly is an amazing group of women.” 

–Allison Gjeltema, New Member, 2011-2012

To Develop Your Leadership Skills
By serving on league committees, our members develop core skills that they can use in their personal and professional lives.  Many League members are afforded opportunities to serve on nonprofit boards in our community, and particiate in local, state and national leadership programs.  In addition, members are encouraged to take on leadership positions within the League which provide for personal growth and are supported by a robust mentoring system.

To Build Lasting Friendships

Strong bonds of friendship develop while working together on League projects, and  attending membership meetings, trainings and social events. League membership is transferable to other Leagues throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Mexico, thus providing members with an instant support network when they relocate to a new community.

"My new member year has allowed me to network with lots of other women coming from different experiences and walks of life. Of course it's great meeting new people, but in addition to that I get the sense that these women will enrich my life on many levels; from networking professionally to making lifelong friendships."

–Jenika Pouliot, New Member, 2011-2012