League Awards & Recipients


  • Outstanding New Member
  • Outstanding First Year Active
  • Marion Brown Payson Award for Sustaining Member of the Year
  • Kathryn Michael Best Practices
  • Hope P. Bramhall Volunteer of the Year
  • Sally G. Vamvakias President's Award

The MARION BROWN PAYSON AWARD FOR SUSTAINING MEMBER OF THE YEAR acknowledges the important contributions of a Sustaining member who advances the concepts of commitment and voluntarism. Through effective action and leadership, she demonstrates an ability to understand and connect with the JLP membership and her community. She creates opportunities for and shows a lasting commitment to sustaining the mission of our organization. The award recipients:

Past Marion Brown Payson Award – Sustainer of the Year recipients are:

1982 Marion Brown Payson 1983 Mary N. Flagg 1984 Mary Rines Thompson
1985 Hope W. Bramhall 1986 Anne Washburn Payson 1987 Betsy Anne Holmes
1988 Ann L. (A.L.) Carlisle 1989 Nancy D. (Nan) Higgins 1990 Patricia F. (Pat) Ruotolo
1991 Catherine M. (Cay) Reiman 1994 Ann Hewes Foden 1995 Elisabeth Colgan (posthumous)
1997 Pam Bates 1998 Cotheal Linnell 1999 Janet K. Hawkes
2000 Beppie Cerf 2001 Carol I. Austin 2002 Patricia Small
2003 Dodo Stevens 2004 Joan Houghton 2005 Laurie Piasio
2006 Jane Cutter 2007 Laurie Hyndman 2008 Martha Cole Wood
2009 Terri DeCoster-Grasso 2010 Sara Holmbom Lund 2011 Diane Morrison
2012 Denise Martin 2012 Betsy Twombly 2013 Cathy Steele
2014 Betsey Andersen 2015 Vicki Kennedy

2016 Tina Jenkins

2018 Jill Bryant 2019 Kristen Crean

The MARY HARRIMAN LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD recognizes a Sustaining member who exemplifies the vision and sense of social responsibility of Mary Harriman the founder of the international Junior League movement.  This award celebrates a Sustaining member of outstanding leadership who has used her talents and resources to make a positive impact on the community.  Through advocacy, collaboration, direct service or community education, the member has embraced the community and has made a unique and significant difference as a leader.

Past Mary Harriman Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are:

2005 Judy Flaker 2007 Louise Parker James (posthumous) 2008 Hope P. Bramhall
2009 Bettsanne Holmes 2010 Betty Pretti 2011 Susan Scanlon
2013 Anne Dalton 2014 Hope P Bramhall 2015 Terri DeCoster
2016 Sally Vamvakias 2017 Nancy Thompson 2018 Kim Koehler

The KATHRYN MICHAEL BEST PRACTICES AWARD recognizes an Active or Sustaining member who, through effective action and leadership, has made a specific and long-lasting contribution to the League’s strategic priorities for leadership and organizational development. This award celebrates an individual member’s ability to effectively initiate, create, and support a substantial and innovative program that has lasting impact for our League. That process or program must be developed, implemented, and evaluated. Therefore, it may be given for a previous effort, the essence of which is still in practice today.

Past Kathryn Michael Best Practices Award recipients are:

2001 Kathryn Michael 2002 Shelly Paules 2003 Catherine Steele
2004 Sara Holmbom Lund 2005 Susan Scanlon 2006 Ann Harrison
2007 Beppie Cerf 2008 Kim Koehler 2009 Shannon Bryan
2010 Lynn Weisz 2011 Jen Rice 2012 Heather Jury
2013 Ellen Berg 2014 Alicia Flick 2015 Alayna Hebert
2016 Morgan Beauregard 2017 Katie Vaillancourt 2018 Anne Dalton
2019 Kate Reilly

The HOPE P. BRAMHALL VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD celebrates the contributions of an Active member who embraces the concepts of commitment and voluntarism. Through effective action and leadership, she demonstrates an ability to understand and connect with her community, transcending the barriers of ability, economics, religion, and ethnicity. She embraces the Mission and Vision of the JLP through her commitment to improving the community and a demonstrated spirit of voluntarism.

Past Hope Bramhall Volunteer of the Year Award recipients are:

1994 Elizabeth N. (Betts) Armstrong 1995 Betsey Andersen 1996 Karen Montano
1997 Margaret Hurdman 1998 Patricia Foden 1999 W. Avery Jenkins
2000 Terri DeCoster Grasso 2001 Shelly A. Reeder 2002 Kim Hosking
2003 Michelle Hedrich 2004 Tracy Burton 2005 Karee Rhoades
2006 JoAnn Daigle 2007 Suzanne Hamlin 2008 Barbara Colby
2009 Betsy Twombly 2010 Chandra Waitkevitch 2011 Kerry DeBree
2012 Beth Peterson 2013 Lisa Lagios 2014 Belle Bocal
2015 Michelle DiSotto 2016 Eliza Warren Giberson 2017 Leah Wallof
2018 Lillian Shields 2019 Alex Carrier Hitchcox

The SALLY G. VAMVAKIAS PRESIDENT’S AWARD honors an individual Active member who exemplifies the Junior League mission in the community and who, through her outstanding leadership, has demonstrated a positive impact on the JLP and her community. Serving as a role model, she encourages League members to take risks in order to make a lasting change.

Past Sally G. Vamvakias President’s Award recipients are:

1987 Sally G. Vamvakias 1989 Elizabeth S. Milley 1989 Jennie S. Shea
1991 Betsey M. Andersen 1991 Linda L. Walbridge 1994 Mary T. Rickert
1995 Carol Austin 1996 Leslie Gibbons 1997 Lucy Tucker
1998 Ann V. Perrino 1999 Nancy E. Thompson 2000 Susan Scanlon
2001 Debra S. LeMieux 2002 Kristen Crean 2003 Suzanne Hamlin
2004 Sarah Elliott Pitts 2005 Kristin Furey Graffam 2006 Cathy Steele
2007 Lori Kerschbaum 2008 Heather Jury 2009 Tara Ryan
2010 Shayna Forbes 2011 Tina Jenkins 2012 Liz Dealy
2013 Beth Peterson 2014 Lesley Clunie 2015 Jessica Nason
2016 Alayna Hebert 2017 Alison Bromski 2018 Belle Bocal
2019 Lillian Shields

The OUTSTANDING FIRST YEAR ACTIVE AWARD is given to honor the contributions and accomplishments of a first-year Active member. In her work for JLP, she embraces the mission and vision through a demonstrated commitment to improving the community and the League. Her innovative and creative actions reach out and motivate others. Nominations may honor a specific action, or overall commitment.

Past Outstanding First Year Active Award recipients are:

1996 Dorothy MacDiarmid 1997 Patricia Hoffman 1998 Jeanine Bekas
1999 Sarah Simmonds 2000 Vicki Kennedy 2001 Leah Cohen
2001 Amy Hawkes 2002 Michelle Green 2002 Liz Allen
2003 Jill Ellis 2004 Barbara Colby 2004 Emily Moss
2005 Martie Lachance 2006 Ginger Leigh Smith 2007 Amy Smith
2008 Connie Sandini 2009 Alyssa Dassa 2010 Liz Smith
2011 Joey Terry 2012 Carly Crouse 2013 Katie Clark
2014 Shikha Vasaiwala 2015 Abby Cook 2016 Alison Bromski
2017 Anastasia Bean 2018 Alex Carrier 2019 Anna Wlodarczyk

The OUTSTANDING NEW MEMBER AWARD is given to honor the contributions and accomplishments of a New Member. She embraces teh mission and vision through a demonstrated committment to improving the community and the League. Nominations may honor a specific action, achievement, or overall commitment.

Past Outstanding New Member Award recipients are:

1997 Emily Hunsicker 1998 Cynthia McDonald 1999 Vicki Kennedy
1999 Stephanie Takes-Desbiens 2000 Amy Hawkes 2001 Sarah Elliot Pitts
2002 Rebecca Sawyer 2003 Carlee Bean 2004 Elizabeth Heinzman
2005 Stephanie O'Brien 2006 Laurie Duston 2007 Kerry Smith de Bree
2008 Sandra Couch-Kelly 2009 Erin Lee 2010 Emma Lisness
2011 Jillian Dougherty 2012 Allison Campbell 2013 Belle Bocal
2014 Eliza Warren-Giberson 2015 Kate OBrien 2016 Mackensie Arsenault
2017 Laura Carpenter 2018 Leah Gove 2019 Kati Glencross