Transfer to Our League

Are you a member of another Junior League, but now living in the Portland, Maine area?

We encourage you to transfer your membership from your former Junior League to the Junior League of Portland, Maine (JLP). Below, you will find pertinent information about our Transfer program as well as how to complete the process.

To start the Transfer process, please contact your current Junior League and request that your membership be transferred to the Junior League of Portland, Maine.

Once the transfer has been initiated through your current League, the two Leagues will coordinate the paperwork as efficiently as possible. Transfer members are happily accepted at any time throughout the year. You will be asked to pay a $20 transfer fee and your annual dues will be pro-rated between the two Leagues at the time of your transfer.

In the Junior Portland, our President-Elect acts as the designated Transfer Liaison. Transfer Liaison is not only responsible for welcoming transfers to our League, but also connecting transfers with other members through social events and gatherings. The Transfer Liaison can also be approached with any questions or concerns that the transfer might have. She will encourage you to get involved and engaged as quickly as possible, although placement on a committee is optional until the following fiscal year.

As with our Active members, women transferring into JLP Active Membership have a set of requirements to complete each League year. These include:

  • Meeting Attendance - Transfer members are required to attend four (4) or more General Membership Meetings per year.
  • Financial Obligation - There is a $20 transfer fee. Annual dues are pro-rated between Leagues at time of transfer. You must purchase a ticket to our annual event, along with one other event ticket.
  • Placement Obligations – Depending on time of transfer, complete a total of seven (7) volunteer shifts.  Depending on time of transfer, serve on a committee as assigned.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Junior League of Portland! Your skills and ideas will be valuable resources to the work we do as a League to improve our community. We wish you an enjoyable and successful career as a member of the Junior League of Portland. For additional information please email