History 1962-1972

1962-1967 Members 284-291

League support of the Arts Council in this period comprised two annual contributions toward the publication of their calendar.  In 1962-1963 we celebrated our 40th Anniversary by distributing a “Fact Sheet” and brochure and by presenting a Follies, which netted $11,000.  Also at this time it was voted to support the Portland Goodwill Industries Sheltered Workshop by paying the salary of a new Executive Director, the financial support not to exceed a total of $16,000 over a two-year period.  The Director was hired during the following year and the agency moved to Free Street.  During the period of the League’s financial and volunteer commitments, the Sheltered Workshop showed continuous and successful progress.

In the all of 1964 the Community Arts Committee sponsored an Art Exhibit, entitled “Amusements,” at the Portland Museum of Art.  The Community and Project Research Committee published a booklet, “Greater Portland Scholarships and Loans,” which was distributed in 1965.  In 1964-1965 the League, under the auspices of the Public Affairs Committee, supported its first legislative bill that of creating an Office of State Archivist.  The year 1966 saw the initiation of the “School Volunteer Project” with fourteen volunteers working in the Portland school system.

The Thrift Shop continued to produce record-breaking profits, having relocated at 618 Congress Street.

1967-1972 Members 291-298

In August 1970, the “School Volunteer Project” (Volunteers in Portland Schools) was taken over by the City of Portland School System. With the hiring of the coordinator in August 1968, this project grew to include 260 volunteers in 1970.

In June 1970, the Preservation Project in conjunction with Greater Portland Landmarks terminated. The project included the restoration of the Daniel Howe House wit ha financial commitment of $19,500 financing the salary of a part-time Executive Director in 1969-70 and the initiation of educational programs and an extensive survey of the Portland Peninsula.

A two-year Environmental Education Project was voted by the membership in May 1970.  In May 1972, the Environment Information Service and Speakers Bureau were formally turned over to the Maine Audubon Society to be continued as ongoing services to the community. In March 1972, the League voted to fund the salary of the Advocate for The Gate Coffee House and to initiate Project Discovery for the purpose of educating League members to better fill community needs.